Produktionsstraße eines Automobilherstellers

With SPEEDI solutions from WSW Software, automotive suppliers using SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA handle custom EDI processes of manufacturers as well as new requirements, such as APERAK messages, completely IT-supported, automated and therefore efficiently and transparently directly in SAP. This is a critical factor for business, especially given the current situation.

Opel and Vauxhall, new subsidiaries of the PSA Group, are currently being converted to the parent company’s processes. With the OEM solution SPEEDI PSA CALDEL, suppliers who previously supplied Opel and Vauxhall, but not PSA, seamlessly map EDI requirements from PSA into their SAP system. For delivery schedules, for example, the Group uses a version of the EDIFACT message type DELJIT in PSA CORAIL. Other individual characteristics are the “code routing number” to control pallets at the cross cock, the GALIA delivery note and the ETI-9 labels in the GALIA/ODETTE standard. SPEEDI PSA CALDEL incorporates all information from the PSA delivery schedules, including the additional code routing data, directly into the SAP processes.

Daimler has expanded its EDI processes as part of the INTOSC project (Inbound Transparency and Optimization in the Supply Chain). Suppliers now receive a pick-up sheet (PUS) with the exact requirements together with the pick-up and delivery date, in addition to the delivery schedule. With the SPEEDI package for Daimler INTOSC, suppliers completely and correctly transfer this information from the PUS into their SAP system. The rejection or new creation of the existingSAP scheduling agreements for Daimler, which is necessary due to the changeover to a different type of scheduling agreement, can be automatically and quickly implemented with the SPEEDI scheduling agreement copier SD. This, as well as the possibility of creating new scheduling agreements by mass processing with this SPEEDI solution, saves time.

With the latest solution, SPEEDI APERAK, WSW Software is supplementing the tried-and-true SPEEDI solution package “Feedback messages”. SPEEDI APERAK incorporates APERAK messages of the OEM directly into the SAP software of the supplier, determines the associated source IDOC, the invoice (INVOICE-IDoc) or the shipping notice (DESADV-IDoc) and sets its status to “OK” or “Not OK.” If the source IDoc has a semantic error, an incorrect customer material number of a package for example, the responsible processor is informed by email immediately and can correct it at once. Since the allocation of errors was previously done by email and thus was time-consuming since it was done manually, this provides for tremendous added value.

In addition, APERAK messages containing error messages can be clearly visualized in a SPEEDI monitor and processed there in a step-by-step manner. The processor can jump directly from the error message to the corresponding outbound document in the SAP system. Due to its flexibility, the SPEEDI APERAK solution can also be used in other industries, such as in the food industry. This is another big plus.

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