Pick-up Sheets (PUS) at Daimler: Fast cancellation and creation of Scheduling Agreements

Pick-up Sheets (PUS) at Daimler: Automatically Rejecting and Newly Creating SAP Scheduling Agreements with SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier

Daimler has extended their EDI process for more transparency and efficiency in their supply chain and the sequences with their component suppliers. In addition to the forecast delivery schedule, the automotive manufacturer will also forward a pick-up sheet (PUS) according to VDA 4985 (DELJIT) to their component suppliers, from whom they pick up the goods and cover the transport costs. These pick-up sheets include the exact requirements, including pick-up and delivery dates. Using mappings provided by WSW Software, the component suppliers can transfer the data from the PUS sheets entirely and correctly into their SAP system.

However, due to the introduction of the PUS sheets, SAP scheduling agreements existing for Daimler must be canceled and newly created as scheduling agreements for delivery orders. Cancellation, as well as new creation, can be largely automated using the SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier, which extends the SAP standard functions without modifications. This not only ensures high efficiency but saves time as well, as costly and error-prone manual copy operations and inputs are reduced to a minimum.

The SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier also enables the creation of new scheduling agreements by mass processing. Here, it uses existing scheduling agreements as copy template, settings and data are edited via “Copy and Paste.” For the copying of such a large data volume to be carried out correctly, the processing options are strictly separated according to use case – “Replace Scheduling Agreement” or “Keep Scheduling Agreement.” Using the SPEEDI SD Scheduling Agreement Copier also reduces the document flow, which in turn benefits the performance of the SAP system.

If changes to contents, such as the outline agreement number, must be adopted when creating new scheduling agreements, we recommend using SPEEDI solution “Mass Update for Sales Documents.”

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