New: SPEEDI Confirmation of Arrival EDI messages type DELFOR02

Zwei Zahnräder, die ineinander greifen mit dem Wort Prozessoptimierung

The SAP-based add-on SPEEDI Confirmation of Arrival (as variant SD and/or MM) handles the processes of obtaining or issuing confirmations of arrival in a consistently automated and transparent manner in SAP ERP or S/4HANA - in individual or collective processing. The import and output formats are diverse and range from fax, EDI message, e-mail, interactive PDF to web link.

WSW Software has now developed a special routine for SPEEDI Confirmation of Arrival SD, which automatically validates confirmations of arrival in the system on the basis of EDI messages of type DELFOR02 (e.g. used by Volvo). With type DELFOR02, the OEM sends delivery schedules containing the last ten received delivery note numbers and the received quantities in segment E1EDP36.

With the routine, further data can be determined from the delivery schedules and transferred to the created arrival confirmation IDoc, e.g. name and address of the ordering party, department of the supplier product number, derivation of the recipient of the goods with name and address.

SPEEDI Confirmation of Arrival reduces the administrative effort to a minimum and frees you from time-consuming manual and paper-based work. The solution has already been in use for many years at over 100 companies.

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