Klaus Müer now sole shareholder of WSW Software GmbH

Foto des WSW Headquarters in Gauting.

Klaus Müer, managing partner of WSW Software GmbH since 2008, has taken over a further 75% of the company shares and is now the company's only shareholder with 100% of the shares as of 23.12.2020.

WSW Software became a subsidiary of SALT Solutions AG in 2012, which was sold to Accenture on Oct. 30, 2020. The takeover of shares of the company became possible in the course of the sale of SALT Solutions AG. With the takeover of shareholdings by Klaus Müer, there is no more profit transfer for WSW Software, resulting in greater liquidity and investment security for the company.

Klaus Müer: "WSW is my baby, my family, my professional home. I am very happy about the development and this opportunity. We are now 100% independent and can freely make decisions. Most of the generated profits remain in the company, which gives us increased liquidity and investment security. In the future, we will invest even more intensively in further developing WSW and in expanding our portfolio of services. To be more specific: 1) securing our leading position as a provider of SAP-based add-ons for the automotive industry, 2) developing and establishing many more smart IT solutions and services to optimize production, logistics, customs and business analytics processes, 3) securing and expanding jobs in a working atmosphere characterized by teamwork, work-life balance and fun."

Klaus Müer studied Economics and later worked as a consultant at various companies, including Arthur Andersen and BearingPoint, until he joined WSW Software GmbH in 2004. In 2008, he took over as managing director. Today, the company counts 130 employees and 408 active customers. The annual turnover amounts to 13.9 million euros (2019).

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