Daimler INTOSC - Transfer Pick-Up-Sheet (PUS) to SAP

Mehrere weiße LKW stehen zu Be- und Entladung bereit


As part of the INTOSC (Inbound Transparency and Optimization) project, Daimler introduced additional levels in its procurement processes. Suppliers who provide parts and components Ex Works (EXW) ready for loading and collection now receive a pick-up sheet (PUS) from Daimler in addition to the delivery schedule. The PUS is used to communicate the exact requirements to the supplier, including pickup and delivery dates.


Daimler directly commissions the freight forwarder with the help of a transport order. The aim of INTOSC is to achieve greater logistics transparency for all parties involved in the process and to optimize transport capacity utilization.

Daimler INTOSC has a strong impact on suppliers' EDI processes. They have to transfer all information of the incoming PUS completely and error-free into their ERP system and at the same time convert to another scheduling agreement type. The delivery schedules according to VDA 4905 remain unaffected. Newly added is the processing of the PUS according to VDA 4985 (DELJIT). Here the PUS number must be returned in the Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) according to VDA 4987 (DELJIT).

Especially for these requirements, the SPEEDI package Daimler INTOSC is available for suppliers. It takes all information from the PUS and maps it completely and error-free in SAP ERP or S/4HANA. The PUS is converted into a DELORD-IDoc for this purpose; the data transfer is carried out by means of special mappings.

Furthermore, SPEEDI automatically processes necessary rejections and re-creations of SAP delivery schedules. SPEEDI also manages changes in content when creating new scheduling agreements automatically with the function "mass changes". For the user there is no need for time-consuming and error-prone manual copying processes and entries.

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