Accenture acquires SALT Solutions AG - WSW Software GmbH becomes 100% independent

The acquisition plays a key role in the expansion of Accenture Industry X's digital manufacturing, operations and supply chain business in Germany. Source: Accenture press release dated 16.9.2020.

As a subsidiary of SALT Solutions AG, we are not affected by the takeover. WSW Software GmbH will soon be decoupled as an independent company with a modified shareholder structure. There will be no changes in WSW Software's business relationships with its customers, partners and suppliers.

The 100% independence gives us the opportunity to further expand our market position in a way that has not been possible in the past. We will invest the funds that are freed up in the development of new, smart IT solutions for the optimization of our customers' logistics processes as well as in the expansion of our business areas. Since 2012, we have more than doubled our revenue and number of employees. We will continue to grow, hire new employees and in doing so, we are relentlessly pursuing our mission of competently and passionately inspiring our customers with the best IT solutions.

If you have any questions regarding the acquisition of SALT Solutions by Accenture, please contact us.

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