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Your switch to S/4HANA with the support of WSW Software

How we support you with your transformation project

With SAP S/4HANA, you are relying on innovative technology for your future. But even with S/4HANA, you cannot map special process requirements in the standard system. We support you so that you can rely on transparent, automated and smooth processes before, during and after the changeover. With our WSW add-ons and our consulting expertise, we ensure that you get through your migration project safely.

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As a customer, you rely on our proven WSW add-ons to fill gaps in your SAP systems. With the switch to SAP S/4HANA, you may be asking yourself how you can continue to use established SAP extensions. Because despite efforts to return to the standard, you know that even under S/4HANA, your company's industry-specific and individual needs will not be met.

WSW add-ons and S/4HANA

WSW Software has set itself the goal of not leaving you alone in the transition to S/4HANA, but to walk the path together. Regardless of where you are in your transformation project, we will support you with our strategy and process consulting.

With our portfolio of solutions within the product lines SPEEDI and JUNIQ, we have ensured that you can close the gaps in SAP and that your specific process and industry requirements are covered. We are also happy to advise you on the necessary adjustments and changes before the migration.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • With our many years of SAP expertise, we can also support you as a close partner during and after the transformation to S/4HANA. We got to grips with the technological innovations at an early stage and ensured that you can also benefit from the familiar WSW product quality under S/4HANA. 

  • With S/4HANA, some of our customers will need to reorganize their processes. You may also be thinking about introducing new SAP solutions such as SAP TM to handle your transport processes. In any case, we can advise you on how to map your special requirements under S/4HANA.

  • Where the changed technology scores points with simplifications and better performance, this happens with the help of a changed data and table structure, among other things. This can make it more complicated for you to transfer your existing processes during the transformation. We support you in implementing your special requirements despite technological changes.

How we support your transformation project

We support you with our tried-and-tested process model, which analyzes existing processes, adopts stable solutions and, where necessary, identifies new solutions:

Initial interview

In an initial meeting, we focus on your individual situation and the challenges you face. We examine your processes and the WSW solutions you use in detail.

Develop requirements

Depending on your requirements, we work with you in an expert discussion to determine which solutions suit your process requirements and your future system landscape.


In a workshop, we examine the exact range of functions you will need after the transformation and define your process requirements.

Identify WSW add-ons

Where new gaps arise that you would like to close with WSW add-ons, we implement and configure these solutions to fit your processes perfectly.

Long-term support

We accompany you in the long term with our regular support, regular updates of our solutions and, if necessary, adaptations and further developments.

How you benefit from our collaboration during and after your transformation project

Process automation at the usual high level of quality

Clear view and transparency about your initial situation and goals

Working in partnership at eye level

Industry and process expertise with WSW Best Practices

Security for your transformation project, flexibly adapted to your needs


Do I still need it under S/4HANA? SPEEDI?

If you SPEEDI under SAP ECC to cover specific processes or gaps in your SAP system, there is a good chance that you will continue to use it under S/4HANA. SPEEDI need. The SPEEDI Transition Package ensures technical operability under S/4HANA.

Is JUNIQ the successor to SPEEDI or what do I need JUNIQ for?

SPEEDI and JUNIQ are two independent product lines and can be used in parallel operation. SPEEDI will continue to be developed under S/4HANA and kept up to date with new releases.

JUNIQ closes gaps that have arisen in the context of S/4HANA (and associated new technologies), such as the use of the Post Processing Framework (PPF) for label and form printing from EWM and TM and the preparation of OEM-specific data using EWM and TM.

The choice of product line depends largely on the underlying processes and systems.

Is there an expiration date for SPEEDI?
How long will the solution be maintained under S/4HANA?

There is no expiration date. SPEEDI will continue to be developed and maintained.

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