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SAP GTS edition for HANA

Your migration project with WSW Software

The migration to SAP GTS edition for HANA is a major project for many companies. To ensure that the migration is as successful as possible for you, we provide you with expert support through all project phases with our process and SAP expertise. 

For many companies, the end of maintenance of version 11.0 of SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) means that they must have completed the migration to the successor system by the end of 2025. We will support you during the changeover and ensure that your migration is a success!

You can find out everything you need to know about the new system and the migration here.

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We are happy to guide you through the migration! As experts in SAP GTS and foreign trade processes, we will support you with our know-how and make your migration project a success.

What you need to know before migrating:

The switch to SAP GTS edition for HANA is not just a minor update. Instead, the new system is a completely newly developed solution. This not only means that you have to deal with the issue of licensing, but also that you have an entire migration project ahead of you.

Please note in any case:

  • Plan the time frame for the migration project generously.
  • Consider resource constraints in your organization; for example, we would not recommend migrating to S/4HANA and GTS edition for HANA at the same time.
  • Please also bear in mind that the resources of consulting partners such as WSW Software may be limited, especially towards the end of the maintenance period.
  • At best, see migration as an opportunity to transform your customs and foreign trade processes. Take the opportunity to optimize workflows and clean up processes and data records.

We have the project expertise to make your migration a success. We plan realistically so that you can rely on our schedule.


WSW Software has many years of expertise in SAP GTS projects. We have already introduced many new systems, implemented additional processes and optimized solutions. With our own SAP GTS edition for HANA systems, we can provide you with demos and training at any time.

SAP know-how

We ensure that cross-divisional issues are not overlooked. With us, you can be sure that we take adjacent processes and smooth system integration into account.

We are happy to guide you through the migration! As experts in SAP GTS and foreign trade processes, we will support you with our know-how and make your migration project a success.

How does the migration to SAP GTS edition for HANA work?

As SAP GTS edition for HANA is a completely new system, migrating from the previous version 11.0 is not just an update. Instead, you should expect a comprehensive migration project. We proceed according to the following tried and tested plan:

Preparatory work

You can prepare for the project even before the migration. In addition to master data maintenance, precise process definitions and the determination of responsibilities are also important measures to make the project a success.


We work with you to define project goals, draw up requirement or functional specifications and create precise process descriptions. Good planning is an essential part of a successful migration.


We set up your system in accordance with the specifications, adapt it to your individual processes and configure it according to your requirements.

Test and training phase

Tests are the best way to ensure that the new system goes live smoothly and without any problems. End users and administrators receive practical training during this phase.


Once all the previous steps have been successfully completed, nothing stands in the way of a smooth go-live.

Operation and maintenance

Starting with the hypercare phase, the main goal now is to ensure that your new system can be operated stably and efficiently.

What's next?

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Contact us

You can contact our team directly via our website and arrange an initial non-binding appointment.

Initial interview

In the first appointment, we will talk to you about your challenges and introduce you to our range of services.

Prestudy or workshop

Depending on the scope of your system, we may first recommend a workshop. We will analyze your existing processes and systems in more detail so that you can estimate exactly how complex the migration will be.

Start of the migration project

If you wish, we can be a partner for your migration. We support you in successfully switching to SAP GTS edition for HANA.

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