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S/4HANA - Smooth processes with WSW add-ons

Are you already using SAP S/4HANA?

Unfortunately, even the current ERP suite from SAP does not cover all areas. We support you with our process and SAP expertise and tailor-made add-ons to ensure your processes run smoothly in S/4HANA - even before and during the transformation.

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S/4HANA - Here you benefit from add-ons!

Do you need to implement special industry requirements?

In some industries, such as the automotive industry, special processes are necessary. Wherever external factors have an influence on the design of your processes, the SAP standard may not be sufficient. Add-ons offer industry-specific supplements that you can integrate directly into your SAP process.

Do you have a very heterogeneous system landscape?

System landscapes often grow with S/4HANA: While one branch is still working with the LE-TRA module of ECC, another branch is using SAP TM. Add-ons offer you the opportunity to map processes uniformly despite heterogeneous system landscapes.

Do you need functions that the SAP standard does not offer?

Basic business processes are covered by S/4HANA. However, if you want more transparency, for example, in order to be able to answer very specific questions about your processes, the standard quickly reaches its limits. SAP-based add-ons can provide transparency and automation where you need it.

Do you need to close new gaps under S/4HANA?

The changed technology of S/4HANA offers many advantages. But it also comes with new challenges. Changed data structures and processes can also mean that you have to design your workflows differently. Where you cannot make these changes, we close the gaps with add-ons. 

What does S/4HANA cover - and what doesn't it?

As the successor to SAP ECC, SAP cites a number of advantages of S/4HANA over its predecessor:

Better performance

Modernized user interface

A simpler structure, fewer data elements and tables, and therefore a lower maintenance requirement

Changed roles and rights system

Future-proof: support for cloud, business analytics or AI

But with the change, you also have to be prepared for new problems

  • Previously integrated modules are available both as embedded and decentralized systems. The functional scope of the integrated solutions under S/4HANA differs in part from the familiar modules (e.g. Foreign Trade and Interational Trade, LE-Tra vs Basic Shipping). Not only must you expect processes to be handled differently in the new solutions, but also that you will have a heterogeneous system landscape that works with different solutions at the same time.
  • The changed data and table structure makes it difficult to adopt extensions you have developed yourself. Gaps that you closed with Z programs under ECC sometimes require a new solution under S/4HANA.
  • New gaps arise, for example due to new data formats or new processes

There are also a number of other issues that SAP users have had to deal with outside of the standard under ECC. If requirements cannot be mapped, transparency is lacking or processes are unnecessarily complicated, add-ons can help.

Closing SAP gaps with WSW add-ons

We close gaps in the standard system with our add-ons. For decades, our customers have been expanding their SAP systems with add-ons that map processes seamlessly, transparently and efficiently directly within SAP. Our add-ons SPEEDI and JUNIQ are easy to integrate, can be configured to suit your requirements and can be used independently of your system landscape!

What's next?

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If you are interested, we will then take a closer look at your individual situation, your system landscape and your process requirements. We will discuss with you how we can best support you.


We are happy to support you in the long term with our process consulting. Of course, we also offer maintenance and support for our add-ons to ensure that your processes run smoothly in the long term.

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