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Plastics processor opts for new development of an MES

After sounding out the market, an international plastics processor with over 150 plants decided on the new development of an MES by WSW Software. After a successful go live, the web-based ME system named VALERIS is now freely marketed as an industry-neutral standard solution by WSW and continuously developed further. The MES can be implemented and set up without extensive IT knowledge, saving valuable IT resources and budgets.

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The history of origins

The WSW customer produces, among other things, plastic exterior body parts and fuel tanks in the just-in-sequence (JIS) process. The requirements for seamless tracking and tracing as well as process interlocking functions are high. And this is particularly true for the sensitive core process in which two tank halves including pre-assembled parts are welded together. 

The used MES was not able to map a complete traceability for this important core process and was done manually: The product parameters were stored on the PLC side on an SD card in a CSV file. The CSV file was manually extracted at regular intervals. In case of inquiries, the file had to be analyzed and assigned. A situation that was no longer acceptable, at the latest with a customer request to ensure continuous traceability of the manufacturing process.

Highlights of the deployed solution VALERIS

Seamless product and process traceability

Intuitive operation through UX (user experience) design

Maximum process reliability and product quality

Configure instead of program

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