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High customs conformity and legal certainty in foreign trade

MAGNA automates preference processing with SAP-based add-on SPEEDI - worldwide roll-out

If there is a preferential agreement between the country of origin and the country of destination, companies can make a delivery duty-free or with preferential customs treatment. The processes are demanding and must be monitored regularly: from requesting and issuing long-term vendor declarations (LTVDs) to preference determination to the issuing of certificates. For the globally positioned industrial group MAGNA, preference processing is a important but also comprehensive set of topics in the field of customs and foreign trade.

Engine blocks

MAGNA International Inc.

MAGNA International Inc., headquartered in Aurora, Canada, is one of the world's largest automotive suppliers with more than 168,000 employees at 348 production sites in 28 countries. Its core business is the development and production of parts, systems and modules for the automotive industry. MAGNA's global supply chain is a key competitive factor.

Many processes and IT systems in supply chain management have been standardized in recent years. MAGNA operates according to the basic principle "Think global, act local" - so too in IT: Individual sites are managed independently by the local IT departments. The central IT departments draw up overarching guidelines and prepare IT solutions that are then made available to all sites.

The challenge

Resolve manual preference determination outside SAP ERP

Easy handling for the employees

Maximum possible consideration of the MAGNA processes

Fast, reliable implementation

Integration with SAP ERP

Worldwide rollout

Ultimate goal: high legal certainty in international trade in goods

The solution - SAP-based add-on SPEEDI

SPEEDI is a fully integrated solution platform for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. SPEEDI enables release performance, order, delivery, invoice, and credit note processes to be individually automated, configured, and parameterized quickly and easily. Especially for companies whose processes are not sufficiently covered in the standard SAP ERP (SD, MM, FI-CO, GTS), SPEEDI a very good choice.

The SPEEDI platform now has around 1,400 preconfigured functions - processes, monitors, reports, and forms - all of which are release-compatible and can be seamlessly integrated with SAP ERP.

SPEEDI is used worldwide by 350 companies in the automotive, electronics, manufacturing or retail industries.

Supported core processes

Requesting LTVDs from the supplier side

Preference determination

Customer issuance of LTVD

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