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Eurofit/Radsystem Mosel - well equipped for winter business

LOJISTIX® from WSW Software ensures high order transparency in seasonal business

In 2018, the plant was awarded the contract to supply winter wheels for all new cars sold by VW dealers throughout Germany. A groundbreaking order, but one that also posed some challenges to the logistics processes that had never been implemented in this form before.

An employee scans a label on a delivery.

Eurofit Group

The Eurofit Group has been an international partner in tire assembly for the world's largest automotive manufacturers since 1996. The group is a joint venture between Michelin and Continental, based in Belgium. With 1,200 employees in 18 plants in Europe, Africa and Asia, the Eurofit Group delivers high-quality and reliable tire-wheel assemblies (TWAs) and services in just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) processes. 

In 2019 alone, 25.8 million TWAs left the company's plants. Reliable logistics processes are essential for Eurofit.

The Eurofit Group assembles complete wheels in series at the Radsystem Mosel plant for the VW plant in Zwickau (Golf, since 2019 also ID.3) and the VW plant in Dresden (e-Golf).


The challenges

The temporary supply of winter wheels had to be carried out in parallel with the core business, i.e. series supply.

The sales forecast was not stable because the number of customers who would buy a winter wheel set with a new car could only be estimated.

The delivery to the VW dealers was carried out by a logistics service provider, which meant that an additional delivery route and partner had to be mapped in the logistics chain.

VW Wolfsburg and its dealers were expecting the first winter tires as early as April 2019, leaving only three months for IT planning and implementation of the new processes.

A special challenge was added by the fact that Eurofit and the Mosel plant were in the middle of the SAP ERP rollout.

The solution - Highest order transparency for plant and dealer thanks to LOJISTIX

The IT project kicked off in December 2018, with basic requirements being recorded, existing processes evaluated and a common approach adopted. In order to meet the tight schedule and at the same time meet all ongoing production challenges, the rapid prototyping implementation method was chosen.

The implementation as well as the connection of LOJISTIX to SAP, the EDI connector and the MES system started at the beginning of March 2019. LOJISTIX serves as a central "hub" for controlling the respective orders.

The go-live took place as planned on April 23, 2019, and the first winter wheels were delivered after less than three months of implementation. 

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