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Volkswagen (VW)

JIS delivery at Volkswagen

Volkswagen calls off in the classic EDI format EDIFACT DELJIT SYNCRO D97A. The retrievals are divided into different retrieval types, which differ in the time lead and in the information contained.


1. SONATA file:

When the vehicles are fixed, you as a supplier receive the first information about the vehicles to be supplied with the corresponding scope of parts in the form of the so-called SONATA file. The time horizon of the SONATA file is approximately four weeks. Special vehicles may already be included before this time.

It is important to note here that the SONATA file always contains 0000 as sequence number and that it is not mandatory to include an indication of the VW production line.

2. preview retrievals

In coordination with Volkswagen, you can receive a wide variety of preview call-offs. These can be, among others, call-offs of the following type: A520, A500, A300, R100 or RR00.

The preview files always contain the full scope of parts to be supplied when they are transferred for the first time. If the same type is transferred again, it will only contain the part scope to be deleted or supplemented.

Preview calls already receive a target sequence. However, this is not yet fixed.

Depending on the product, production can already be based on the preview data in coordination with Volkswagen.

3. production call-off

With the M100 call-off, the car body is in the interior finishing feed. This serves as the final call-off for most JIS suppliers. The M100 contains the VW production line and the fixed sequence number. The final scope of parts to be delivered is also defined here.

Now it can be produced, sequenced and delivered.

4. shoring report

A further message (M300/M400) is regarded as a shoring message, but this is not sent on the basis of the concrete installation cycle at which supplier-specific parts are installed. The underlying installation cycle is identical for all suppliers.

The shoring report can be used by you to calculate the stock in transit and the stock on the line.

VW supply with SAP: The most important special processes

Special delivery requirements are covered by common solutions for OEM or JIS delivery. However, many companies work with standard systems such as those from SAP. With many special processes and requirements of automotive manufacturers, these systems quickly reach their limits. We list the most important ones here:

 1. VW packaging and ownership identifier

The process for supplying VW follows recommendation VDA 4987. This concerns, among other things, the packaging and ownership identifier, which must be provided in the shipping notification. In the SAP standard, such information is not provided in the outgoing message (SHPMNT05 or ASN XML from the TM).

2. VW consignment note according to VDA 4939

Shipments to VW must be accompanied by a consignment note. This is based on VDA 4939. Numerous points of the VDA recommendation are adopted by VW one-to-one, however, deviations are also made in individual places. The structure and parts of the information contained in the shipment document cannot be set in the SAP standard, but must be set up individually.

3. VW shipping labels according to VDA 4994

The VDA recommendation 4994 (also Global Transport Label, GTL) describes specifications for the design of the labeling of transport units from suppliers to car manufacturers. VW's specifications are based on this recommendation, but also deviate from it in places.

Generally, different labels are defined, including the Single Label in different versions and the Master Label. The SAP standard is not able to convert the master data correctly and to store additional data. The output of this data on the different labels must therefore be set up in a complex manner.

4. VW Global EDI VDA 4984 and 4987

A recurring problem with OEM requirements is the lack of options to transfer transmitted information into the SAP system or to enrich outgoing messages with information.

The incorporation of forecast delivery schedules according to VDA 4984 does not work completely with the SAP message type DELFOR02. The situation is similar for the shipping notification: The SAP IDoc (SAP SHPMNT) must be enriched with additional information to meet the requirements of VDA 4987.

5. VW OT special process route

When Volkswagen OTLG (Original Parts Logistics) orders spare parts that a supplier delivers directly to drop shipment customers - sales centers in Germany as well as selected importers - it first sends a delivery preview. Delivery is then initiated by shipping order (EDIFACT DELJIT / CALDEL). In addition to standard data - quantity, date, address - this contains a wealth of additional data that the supplier must report back in the shipment document (VDA 4939) and in the shipping notification (EDIFACT DESADV) and print on the VW goods tags as prescribed. This special route process is not covered in the SAP standard.

WSW Solutions and Services

Regardless of whether you want to handle BMW deliveries in your SAP system or use your own system: WSW Software supports you with suitable solutions and years of expertise in OEM supply.


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The processing between supplier and automotive manufacturer is also a challenge under SAP S/4HANA because important functions are missing. JUNIQ closes these gaps for you and supports your OEM processes with the latest SAP technology.

The JIS Competence Center

Our JIS Competence Center supports you in your JIS processes: Together with you, we design your personal JIS strategy, advise you on the selection of solutions, and support you in the long term with our industry and technology know-how.

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