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VW OT Special Process Direct Delivery

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When Volkswagen OTLG (Original Parts Logistics) orders spare parts that a supplier delivers directly to drop shipment customers - sales centers in Germany as well as selected importers - it first sends a delivery preview. Delivery is then initiated by shipping order (EDIFACT DELJIT / CALDEL). In addition to standard data - quantity, date, address - this contains a wealth of additional data that the supplier must report back in the shipment document (VDA 4939) and in the shipping notification (EDIFACT DESADV) and print out on the VW goods tags as prescribed.

VW OT Special Process Stretch to be carried out with end-to-end IT support in SAP ERP

With the solution SPEEDI VW OT Route, suppliers can map this special route process, which is not covered by the SAP standard, consistently in their SAP ERP system. The solution contains all the functions required to carry out the VW OT special process route with end-to-end IT support in SAP ERP and to correctly process all the information that must later also be found on the shipment document and the VW goods tags.

Of course, this also applies to the additional data such as the OT goods recipient number, the unloading point details, the SAP purchase order number (third-party order number), the SAP customer purchase order number, the delivery order number, the contract number (EN contract) or the recipient reference. They are "channeled" smoothly through the SAP system. An integral part of this  SPEEDI-solution is also the consignment note (VDA 4939) and the goods tag, i.e. the corresponding label.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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