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Suppliers to the U.S. electric vehicle startup Lucid who use SAP software cannot satisfactorily handle their EDI-supported logistics processes with this OEM and the associated information exchange requirements with standard SAP functions. In the case of feedback messages, the standard also does not offer the option of incorporating them directly into the SAP system.

SAP-integrated logistics processing with e-vehicle startup Lucid

The new OEM solution  SPEEDI Lucid from WSW Software, which extends the SAP standard seamlessly and without modification, closes these gaps.  SPEEDI Lucid integrates information from delivery schedules and JIT delivery schedules as well as individual orders in EDIFACT format (DELFOR / DELJIT / ORDERS / ORDCHG) including the additional data (e.g. the individual "Release Number"), which this OEM transmits to the supplier, directly into the SAP processes. This applies in particular to the feedback messages: the CONTRL confirmation of receipt of the EDI message from the supplier, the APERAK message for acknowledgement including error message and the RECADV confirmation of receipt.

SPEEDI Lucid ensures that the data from the EDI messages is integrated into the appropriate SAP IDocs: DELINS_IN (forecast delivery schedules / JIT delivery schedules), ORDERS_IN (order), DESADV_OUT or SHPMNT_OUT (shipping notification) and INVOIC_OUT (invoice). WSW Software provides the mappings and mapping specifications required to convert the EDI messages. For the CONTRL, APERAK and RECADV feedback messages, WSW Software determines the SPEEDI&nbspsolution automatically finds the corresponding outbound IDoc from which the EDI message for Lucid was generated (shipping notification, invoice) and sets its status to "OK" or "Not OK".

In addition,  SPEEDI Lucid provides the labels required for shipping goods, the Lucid Shipping, Master and Mixed Load labels, including the print programs for their correct labeling.

If there are new or additional process requirements because the electrical startup is changing or further developing its EDI guidelines, WSW Software adapts the OEM solution  SPEEDI Lucid in a timely manner and, if necessary, also develops new  SPEEDI-Functions.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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