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Mercedes Benz / Daimler RFID

Carry out RFID processes from Mercedes Benz / Daimler directly in SAP

Mercedes Benz / Daimler wants to automatically collect delivered components with RFID technology in goods receipt and thus streamline the process. If you are a supplier to Mercedes Benz / Daimler and use SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA, our solution will enable you to create SPEEDI Mercedes Benz/Daimler RFID integrated the RFID requirements of this manufacturer in the SAP system: consistently IT-supported, automated, transparent and therefore very efficient.

SPEEDI Mercedes Benz / Daimler RFID: The advantages at a glance

  • Handling Mercedes Benz / Daimler RFID processes in SAP software, whether in SAP ERP or under SAP S/4HANA, reduces manual activities to a minimum.
  • End-to-end IT support enables secure and error-free RFID processes in accordance with Daimler's requirements, which has a positive impact on your rating as a supplier.
  • The effort and costs for development, installation and maintenance of an SAP-based in-house development or an Excel solution are eliminated.

The right solution for your requirements

If you as a supplier provide Daimler with components for series production, two different RFID processes must be mapped in the SAP software: one for special load carriers (SLT) and one for universal load carriers (ULT).

RFID process for special load carriers

Daimler equips the special load carriers that travel back and forth between its own plants and suppliers in firmly defined cycles with a fixed RFID tag (on-metal or smart label) in accordance with VDA 5501. The tag contains an identification number (ID) that can be used to uniquely identify a load carrier and that must be transmitted in the delivery notification.

SPEEDI Daimler RFID integrates these ID numbers directly into the designated field in the electronic shipping notification in accordance with VDA 4913 or VDA 4987. The prerequisite is that the RFID code has already been read in via scanner software and stored in the SAP Handling Unit (SAP HU).

The SPEEDI-solution shows which IDs and thus load carriers are recorded in the SAP HU. At the same time, it checks whether the load carriers have reached the HU user status assigned during the scanning process, for example "loading start" or "loading end". Traffic lights inform the end user about the current transport status of the load carriers. Processing is stopped when the light turns red.

RFID process for universal load carriers

The back of the goods tags (VDA 4902 label) for universal load carriers is provided with a single-use RFID tag. It must be printed with the ID of the associated load carrier in accordance with Daimler specifications. SPEEDI Mercedes Benz / Daimler RFID automatically generates this package ID (License Plate) and stores it in the SAP HU.

In order to correctly label the Mercedes Benz / Daimler RFID label, to describe the RFID tag with this ID via coding and to print out the label, the SPEEDI Labelengine provides the print program. To ensure that the ID is also shown on the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), we at WSW Software offer corresponding mappings and mapping specifications.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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