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Mercedes Benz / Daimler INTOSC

Transfer information from the PUS (write out) completely and without errors into your SAP system

Mercedes Benz / Daimler has improved its EDI processes in the course of the project INTOSC (Inbound Transparency and Optimization in the Supply Chain) has been expanded. Daimler suppliers who provide parts and components ready for pickup in the sense of Ex Works (EXW) now also receive a pickup sheet (PUS) from this OEM in addition to the delivery call-off in accordance with VDA 4985 (DELJIT), which contains the exact requirements including pickup and delivery dates. This means that the suppliers have to transfer all the information from the PUS correctly into their IT or SAP system and at the same time switch to a different scheduling agreement type.

The right solution for your requirements

With the  SPEEDI-Package Mercedes Benz / Daimler INTOSC suppliers of Mercedes Benz / Daimler who use SAP software can transfer all information from the PUS (tender) completely and error-free into their SAP system. There, the information is smoothly processed, displayed and made available in the EDI shipping notifications. The PUS according to VDA 4985 is converted into a DELORD IDoc for this purpose. The data transfer takes place with the help of special mappings from WSW Software for SPEEDI.

The cancellation of the existing SAP scheduling agreements for Daimler and their creation as SAP scheduling agreements for delivery orders, which was necessary due to the changeover to a different scheduling agreement type, can be carried out using the  SPEEDI SD scheduling agreement copier, which extends the SAP standard without modification, can be carried out largely automatically. This ensures high efficiency and saves time, because labor-intensive and error-prone manual copying processes and entries are thus reduced to a minimum.

If, in the course of a new creation of the scheduling agreements, changes to the contents, for example to the outline agreement number, are also to be transferred, the  SPEEDI"Mass update of sales documents" is the right choice.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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