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Suppliers to the US electric car manufacturer (SUV / pickup) Rivian Automotive have the choice of handling EDI-supported communication with this OEM via the global EDIFACT format or via the US EDI standard ANSI X12. Rivian suppliers using SAP software, the SAP standard does not provide a way to satisfactorily map the associated requirements.

SPEEDI Rivian enables smooth logistics handling with Rivian Automotive

The remedy here is the new OEM solution  SPEEDI Rivian from WSW Software. It extends the SAP standard without modification and enables suppliers to perform smooth EDI-based logistics processing with this OEM in both EDIFACT and ANSI X12 formats. The  SPEEDI-The solution automatically processes incoming delivery and JIT delivery schedules, additional individual orders, and order changes along with the transmitted additional data (carriers reference, load planning, and route number) in an SAP-compliant manner. WSW Software provides exactly the mappings and mapping specifications needed for the EDI-supported logistics processes with the E-SUV and E-Pickup startup.

Special SPEEDI Functions (routines) integrate the information from the incoming EDIFACT messages DELFOR, DELJIT or ORDERS respectively ORDCHG as well as the ANSI X12 messages 830, 862 as well as 850 and 860 directly into the corresponding SAP IDoc message types. SPEEDI Rivian also provides the forms (Rivian Master Packing List and Rivian Container Packing List) and labels (Rivian Container, Master and Mixed labels) required to supply this OEM.

If the e-car manufacturer changes its EDI guidelines and this results in new or additional process requirements, WSW Software adapts the OEM solution to the new requirements.  SPEEDI Rivian accordingly in a timely manner and, if necessary, develop the required  SPEEDI-Functions.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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