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In EDI-supported logistics processes with Hyundai's plant in the Czech Republic (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, HMMC) and that of the subsidiary brand Kia in Slovakia (KIA Motor Slovakia, KMS), suppliers must observe special requirements with regard to delivery bills and shipping labels. This mainly refers to the delivery note number and the pallet or pallet cage number for the labels, which have to be structured exactly according to the common EDI guidelines of these OEMs. Each of the two plants works with its own delivery bill. The forms are identical in terms of content and structure, but differ in the header and footer.

SPEEDI Hyundai KIA Europe maps special features at Hyundai in the Czech Republic and at Kia in Slovakia integrated in SAP

With the OEM solution  SPEEDI Hyundai KIA Europe, suppliers of Hyundai Czech Republic and Kia Slovakia who use SAP software can seamlessly integrate the information from the delivery schedules into their SAP processes and create the shipping documents according to the specific specifications of the respective OEM. The delivery note number and the pallet or pallet cage number for the labels are identified with a  SPEEDI-function (routine), which WSW Software has developed especially for this purpose.

SPEEDI Hyundai KIA Europe contains the necessary coding (program, form, form routine) to create the appropriate delivery bill with the corresponding header and footer in SAP using the HMMC Delivery Note for Hyundai or the KMS Delivery Confirmation for Kia. The common labels, including the corresponding print programs for their correct labeling, on the other hand, are provided by the OEM solution out of the box.

WSW Software also provides the necessary mappings and mapping specifications to incorporate delivery and JIT delivery schedules, additional single orders in Edifact format (DELFOR / DELJIT / ORDERS), and APERAK feedback messages directly into the SAP software.  SPEEDI Hyundai KIA Europe then automatically routes information from the incoming EDI messages through the SAP system and ensures that it is shown on the shipping notification and delivery document as required. The integration of the data into the corresponding SAP IDoc message types (DELINS_IN, DESADV_OUT, SHPMNT_OUT) is done with appropriate  SPEEDI-functions (routines).

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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