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The German automobile and motorcycle manufacturer BMW is one of the oldest manufacturers and is now one of the 15 largest in the world. This is achieved with tight production scheduling and precise specifications for the Just-in-sequence deliverythat you need to implement as a supplier. We support you in this - with the right software solutions and our industry expertise.

JIS delivery according to JIS-5000 at BMW


The main feature of BMW's JIS-5000 requirements is that the call-offs, or the transmission of sequence information from BMW to the supplier, arrive several days before the expected delivery. For BMW, this is at least four and a half days.


The first call-off that a supplier receives for a vehicle contains, in addition to the Production number, the plant and the unloading point moreover:

  • the family of parts: This reflects the assembly (for example, rear bumper, mirrors) per series.
  • the supply groupThis describes the variant within a part family (for example, Coupe, Coupe M, Active Tourer, Touring).
  • and the articles: This can be components or a finished part. This depends on the parts list on the part of BMW. 


The second call-off sent by BMW contains the same characteristics as the first, but is extended by the Sequence number and the Target date of receipt of goods (SWET) supplemented.

This provides all the information regarding the sequence and variant for production or sequencing.

This is what you should pay attention to: Discuss with your BMW supply planner how many hours before SWET you may produce and sequence. If the parts are already produced and sequenced too early, changes at short notice, for example in the sequence, can no longer be taken into account.


There are various options for delivery at JIS-5000 depending on the supply concept specified by BMW.

  • Time slot with full truck: With this concept, BMW specifies the arrival times of the trucks. The truck must always be fully loaded. If sufficient stock is available at the BMW plant, a time slot can be omitted. Over-delivery is not permitted. This is where the so-called TACHO plays a role. This reflects whether the BMW production line is running faster or slower than originally planned. This must be taken into account when a truck is dropped if the following truck is too late in the current production cycle. 

  • Time window according to SWET: With this concept, you must ensure that enough but not too many racks are loaded on the truck so that the quantity is sufficient for the current production speed. Over-delivery is not allowed. This is where the TACHO plays a very important role. Without taking the TACHO into account, there would always be under- or over-deliveries.

BMW series supply - The most important special processes

BMW has specifications for data exchange and document flow that suppliers must comply with. If they work with SAP systems, they are not able to meet these requirements as standard. We list the most important special processes and specifications that you must take into account here:

BeloM: Document-optimized material flow

For the delivery of goods for series parts, BMW requires its suppliers to process additional information that is sent in the delivery call-off. Suppliers must print this data on both the goods tag (in accordance with VDA 4902) and the transport and shipment document (in accordance with VDA 4939) when shipping goods. Here, with the targeted use of the two-dimensional barcode PDF 417, the package-related data is integrated into the communication with the suppliers.

The data on the shipping labels and the transport and shipment document must also be recorded in a shipping notification in accordance with VDA 4913, whereby it is an absolute prerequisite for BeloM that the EDI data, the container data and the information on the transport and shipment document are identical.

The SAP standard is not able to map additional data and hold it through the process until delivery. Each document (shipment, transport and consignment) must be set up individually in the SAP system. In case of doubt, this also applies to suppliers who have similar VDA specifications have already implemented for other OEM customers.

WSW Solutions and Services

Regardless of whether you want to handle BMW deliveries in your SAP system or use your own system: WSW Software supports you with suitable solutions and years of expertise in OEM supply.


LOJISTIX is our solution for optimized JIS processes. The platform completely covers your processes and creates more efficiency and transparency.


SPEEDI offers SAP users numerous additional functions that can be integrated quickly and seamlessly into your SAP system. As an automotive supplier, you benefit from OEM solutions that support a wide range of requirements.


The processing between supplier and automotive manufacturer is also a challenge under SAP S/4HANA because important functions are missing. JUNIQ closes these gaps for you and supports your OEM processes with the latest SAP technology.

The JIS Competence Center

Our JIS Competence Center supports you in your JIS processes: Together with you, we design your personal JIS strategy, advise you on the selection of solutions, and support you in the long term with our industry and technology know-how.

Wolfgang Salinger

Director Business Unit SAP & Digital Supply Chain

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