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Webinars Summer 2021

In the summer of 2021, we will again offer you selected live webinars. The focus of the webinars is on the topic of SAP solutions.

Webinar OEM Requirements: Implementing new processes efficiently in SAP on 09 [&] 10.06.2021
In two webinars, we show how automotive suppliers can quickly and smartly implement new OEM requirements from VW/Porsche, PSA/Opel, Rivian and Lucid in SAP.

09.06.2021 – New OEM requirements at VW/Porsche

Download the recording of the webinar "OEM requirements at VW/Porsche

10.06.2021 – New OEM requirements PSA/Opel, Rivian, Lucid

Download the recording of the webinar "OEM requirements PSA/Opel, Rivian, Lucid".

Webinar SAP-optimized consignment, drop shipment and replenishment processes from 15.06. - 17.06.2021

Automotive suppliers usually have very complex delivery processes: Sometimes with consignment business, sometimes with the integration of an external service provider (EDL, LDL), sometimes with drop shipment, sometimes with a combination of two or all. The challenge: For most manufacturing companies, the standard functionalities in SAP are not sufficient to map these complex, sometimes very individual delivery processes in a fully automated way. What can be done? Our motto: Configure instead of program! In our webinars, we show how you can optimize your supply chain without programming. And we do this with SAP-based solutions from the SPEEDI toolbox, which are integrated directly into SAP "out of the box".

With just one registration, you can attend one, both, or all three webinars. You have the possibility to ask your questions directly in the chat.

15.06.2021 - Consignment processing

16.06.2021 - Supply via route

06/17/2021 - Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Webinar EDI mapping - implemented quickly, securely and stress-free on 22.06.2021

In the webinar, we show how automotive suppliers efficiently implement EDI mapping for changed or new OEM processes in SAP. Our solution for this is called  SPEEDI EDI mapping and is integrated "out of the box" with SAP.

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Webinar Automated Packaging Planning in SAP - Saves Costs [&] Time on 29.06.2021

For suppliers, the planning and scheduling of packaging materials is not trivial. Especially not when different customers specify very specific packaging materials and/or reusable packaging comes into play. For on-time delivery, the supplier must have not only the products but also all the right packaging materials at the right time and in the right quantity.

In this webinar, we will show how suppliers can plan their packaging materials fully automatically in SAP and thus gain transparency and save costs and time. This involves a solution for packaging planning that is leanly integrated into SAP "out of the box".

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Webinar Recognizing Bottlenecks Early: Demand/Capacity Management in SAP on 30.06.2021

The aim of demand and capacity management (MRM) is the precise and early determination of required demands (quantities, resources) for production and purchasing. BKM is essential for the efficient design of production capacities. Particularly in the event of frequent changes in requirements (triggered, for example, by new, changed or cancelled orders at short notice or fluctuations in quantities), BKM ensures early identification of bottlenecks and thus greater planning reliability, stable processes and reduced inventories.

In the webinar, we show how BKM can be mapped in SAP in a fully automated manner and how suppliers can identify bottlenecks at a very early stage. Our solution for this is called  SPEEDI BKM and is integrated "out of the box" with SAP.

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Order backlog in SAP: KPIs/evaluations in real time! on 07.07.2021

The webinar is aimed at all those responsible who require real-time key figures on orders on hand (sales and sales quantities) in SAP. Especially in relation to materials relevant to MRP. A smart add-on provides the remedy: YODA Order Backlog. The solution is integrated "out of the box" in SAP and includes a comprehensive set of key figures on orders on hand. This provides many departments with a high level of transparency.

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Webinar Labels and forms in SAP: easy change, create and print on 08.07.2021

Automotive suppliers must constantly adapt to new OEM requirements. Frequently affected are call-off, ordering, delivery or invoicing processes. And when the OEM calls, things usually have to happen quickly. The challenge: SAP does not map these individual processes in the standard. Especially the conversion of label and form printing according to changed/new OEM specifications is very time-consuming.

In our webinar, we will show how you can implement label and form design/creation in SAP without any programming effort - both from SAP ERP and in S/4HANA. Our solution for this is called  SPEEDI Label and form printing and is integrated "out of the box" with SAP with [gt] 300 standard labels and forms for print output.

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Preference processing in SAP S/4HANA - New Generation on 28.07.2021
Supplier declaration and preference calculation in a new S/4HANA guise. Our new generation of SPEEDI preference processing enables all necessary steps in the SAP S/4HANA environment. In our webinar, you will learn how to make the transition to the S/4HANA era. We will show you how to get smart and system-supported from the request to the preference calculation to the issuing of supplier declarations. Cross-plant or sales order-related calculation? Adobe Interactive Forms? Our solution offers that, too.

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