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Stellantis certifies LOJISTIX for JIS retrieval process "CORAIL

WSW Software's LOJISTIX is the powerful just-in-sequence (JIS) and logistics platform for JIS processing with a wide range of features: full EDI integration, final assembly control, planning and packing into different containers, labeling, shipping processing based on production synchronized call-offs, etc.

LOJISTIX meets the specific JIS process specifications of 90% of all well-known automotive manufacturers worldwide, such as BMW, Daimler, VW/Porsche, Volvo, or Stellantis. Suppliers can use LOJISTIX to access a variety of message formats for data exchange with OEMs - from VDA, EDIFACT, XML, ODETTE, data file to JSON - all also via Web EDI.

The automotive group Stellantis N.V., created from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Group PSA (PSA) in January 2021, has now certified LOJISTIX for JIS retrievals via CORAIL web services in 2 projects. The automotive supplier uses LOJISTIX to automatically retrieve the stack, pre-invoice and tracking service data from Stellantis in XML format via the web services. LOJISTIX takes into account, among other things, that if a particular Stellantis web service is not accessible, the web service automatically switches to the next predefined URL. Another plus: The web service connection is freely configurable, so that process changes can be implemented easily and quickly without programming.

The Stellantis web service connection from LOJISTIX is already being used successfully by well-known customers of WSW Software such as the Eurofit Group.

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