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Röchling Automotive relies on SPEEDI preference processing

The "Röchling Automotive" division is globally positioned with over 6,000 employees in 41 locations on 4 continents. The plants are located in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The production and supply spectrum revolves around plastic solutions such as underbody panels, air flap systems, tanks, and battery covers.

A planned expansion of the SAP system prompted Röchling to also consider a new IT solution for preference processing. At that time, preference processing was carried out partly manually and independently at each of eleven EU locations. Today, with  SPEEDI the preference processing for all eleven locations is carried out centrally at the Peine site. Whereas in the past more than 30 employees were more or less intensively involved in activities relating to long-term supplier declarations (LLE) and preference calculations, today there are three employees who concentrate 100 percent on these tasks. The processes for obtaining and issuing supplier declarations for components and materials - 25,000 in one year alone - have been significantly simplified. All work steps are documented and can therefore be traced at any time, so that legal compliance with both customs and the customer is guaranteed.

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