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Test result from IT-Administrator: Top marks for QUMBU

QUMBU is the proven IT solution from WSW Software that makes dealing with Microsoft SQL servers easier all around. The tool manages backups and maintenance in one solution. In addition to a high level of security, particular emphasis was placed during development on intuitive operation with a clear interface and on user-related functionalities. QUMBU is designed for both less experienced administrators and experts.

In February and March 2021, the trade journal IT-Administrator took a comprehensive look at QUMBU - from installation and configuration to performing long-term backups and restores of databases. The result is a multi-page test result that gives QUMBO top marks.

5 categories were tested. QUMBU is far superior to comparable products in the two categories "Recovery of databases" and "Maintenance functions"; slightly superior in the two categories "Backup of database" and "Configuration options", and at the same level in the category "Notifications".

The IT administrator sums up: "The core tasks of backing up and restoring SQL databases were mastered by the software in an exemplary manner ... For us, QUMBU is all around a successful tool with a well thought-out and modern user interface, simple operation and, above all, sensible and reliable functions."

You can download a trial version and find more information about QUMBU at

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