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Whitepaper: Working with SAP GTS

Reduce expenses and optimize processes

In foreign trade, transparency, legal certainty and speed are what count. The processes and regulations are not only constantly changing, but are also becoming increasingly complex. With SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), companies have a comprehensive IT system at their side that provides good support for customs and foreign trade processes. But the system will only develop its full effect if it is used correctly. This white paper uncovers pitfalls when working with SAP GTS and gives you tips on how companies can reduce their efforts and optimize processes.

Cover page of the whitepaper: Working with SAP GTS: Reducing Effort and Optimizing Processes, illustrated on a tablet.

The most important contents summarized:

  • The biggest pitfalls when working with SAP GTS
  • From troubleshooting to document assignment and master data
  • Includes practical tips for solving these challenges

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