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Whitepaper: Success factors for SAP GTS projects

What you need to consider when removing your system

Just like other SAP solutions, Global Trade Services (GTS) is a very powerful system. Many companies therefore only use some of the functions. If you want to start here and set up new functions or processes, it quickly becomes a comprehensive project - with some stumbling blocks and challenges. This white paper explains what you need to do to turn a GTS project into a success.

Cover page to the whitepaper: Success factors for SAP GTS projects, illustrated on a tablet.

The most important contents summarized:

  • Writing the specifications: What do you want to implement?
  • Clarify technical requirements
  • Get management and stakeholders on board
  • Which departments are affected?
  • Blueprint: Planning the exact implementation
  • Plan resources correctly: IT capacity
  • Reconcile and document regularly

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