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Whitepaper: Preferential processing in customs/foreign trade

Which processes are covered by SAP ERP and S/4HANA and which are not?

This white paper examines the challenges and opportunities of automating processes with SAP. Compared to manual activities, automation helps to minimize errors and implement many work steps much more efficiently. Companies that want to use an SAP-based solution but not GTS cannot avoid add-ons. When selecting them, you should make sure that the solution covers both worlds - SAP ERP and S/4HANA - equally well.

Cover page for the whitepaper: Preference processing in customs & foreign trade - Which processes are covered by SAP ERP & S/4HANA and which are not?, shown on a tablet.

The summarized contents at a glance:

  • Preference calculation - challenges of automation
  • Which processes are covered by the SAP standard and which are not?
  • Preference calculation according to worst case method
  • Automate long-term supplier declarations (LLE)

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