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Whitepaper: Packaging materials planning in the SAP environment

Integrated processes are the be-all and end-all for more efficiency and transparency

Many companies from the automotive supply industry that use SAP ERP carry out the disposition of returnable packaging materials, i.e. reusable standard packaging materials, manually because there are no functions for this in the SAP standard. Thanks to end-to-end IT support, packaging material planning and inspection can be carried out quickly, efficiently, transparently, and with foresight and on the basis of up-to-date data.

Cover page of the white paper: Packaging materials planning in the SAP environment, shown on a tablet.

The summarized contents at a glance:

  • The advantages of packaging material planning directly in SAP ERP
  • Optimization potential
  • Different ways to save costs
  • The disadvantages of manual packaging material planning

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