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Whitepaper: Nine milestones on the way to the perfect KPI system

Success factors and potentials of key figures in your production

With the help of KPIs, statements can be made about the performance of a production. The aim is to be able to make usable statements about the current status and to identify possible problems and derive measures for optimization from them. In order to achieve the transparency required for this, there are a number of things that need to be taken into account. This white paper examines the individual steps in detail.

Cover page to the whitepaper: Nine milestones on the way to the perfect KPI system, illustrated on a tablet.

The key components of the white paper:

  • The potential of key figures for your production
  • Making production processes more efficient with the help of digitization
  • What milestones do you need to achieve the perfect KPI system
  • CHECKLIST: Review your KPI system

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