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Whitepaper: Avoiding supply bottlenecks

SAP-based add-ons help you here

SAP systems often offer too little support in the standard for special requirements in delivery schedules. SAP-based add-ons that can be easily integrated into existing solutions can provide a remedy here. This white paper introduces you to five of them and shows the benefits for the user.

Cover page of the white paper: Avoiding supply bottlenecks with SAP-based add-ons, shown on a tablet.

The most important contents summarized:

  • More transparency for delivery schedules
  • Analysis of call-off behavior in the SD and MM areas
  • Checking incoming delivery schedules for minimum and maximum quantities
  • Tolerance line check for incoming purchase orders and delivery schedules
  • Packaging Information Cockpit (PMIC)
  • Demand Capacity Monitor (BKM)

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