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SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) Health Check

To learn how to get more out of your system

Many companies that SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) do not use all the functions, or work with a system that is not fully set up. The departments then have to rely on a software solution that does not adequately support the processes and is therefore difficult to use. Is your company one of them? Then request our free GTS Health Check now to find out how you can get more out of your GTS!

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For whom is the Health Check relevant?

You have too little technical GTS know-how or resources in your IT department to deal with the system in detail.

Due to lack of time, you have no possibility to map new processes in the system.

You had support in setting up the system, but have since lacked the resources to expand.

You regularly have to deal with a high manual effort for clerical tasks.

You are more often dissatisfied with the results of SAP GTS and the amount of time you have to invest in it.

In short: The possibilities of SAP GTS are not fully exploited in your company.

Our offer for you: The free and non-binding SAP GTS Health Check


In customs and foreign trade, SAP GTS can be an incomparable support - if the system is set up correctly and functions can be fully used. If this is not the case for you, we support you with our methodologically sound Health Check: We address specific weaknesses or optimization potential in your processes and check how you as a user can make work with the system more efficient in the long term. 


Thanks to our many years of SAP experience, we can support your IT experts with suggestions for improvement. For example, you will receive tips on how customizing adjustments and optimizations can make your system optimally usable. We also develop suggestions for improvement and clues on how to optimize your individual processes through technical adjustments after a detailed review of your system. 

You can count on these results

Our goal is for you to benefit from this Health Check in the best possible way. The results are individually tailored to your requirements and your system. The goal is to give you recommendations and impulses for action. These may include, for example:

  • Necessary customizing adjustments
  • Use of additional modules or functions of SAP GTS
  • Recommendation for the adaptation of business or IT processes
  • On request: Ongoing and regular support for GTS projects or for the permanent support of your system.


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