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Stellantis brings together fourteen car manufacturers, including Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Opel, Jeep and Alfa Romeo. Suppliers to these OEMs therefore often deliver via a central web service called Corail Synchronus. We support you with suitable software solutions, our industry expertise and process consulting.


The JIS processes at Audi bear the figurative name "pearl necklace" because the parts are also lined up like pearls on a chain during sequencing. When it comes to special requirements relating to supply and communication, AUDI otherwise follows the lead of the parent company Volkswagen.

Mercedes Benz / Daimler

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Anyone who supplies Mercedes Benz / Daimler has to deal with terms such as INTO-SC or RFID. The recommendations of the VDA also play a role here. Regardless of whether you have to deal with these topics for the first time or are looking for an end-to-end software solution that can map these requirements, we support you with [...]

Volkswagen (VW)

JIS delivery at Volkswagen Volkswagen calls off in the classic EDI format EDIFACT DELJIT SYNCRO D97A. The retrievals are divided into different retrieval types, which differ in the time lead and in the information contained. Procedure: 1. SONATA file: When the vehicles are fixed, you as a supplier receive the first information about the vehicles to be supplied with the corresponding scope of parts in [...]


Der deutsche Automobil- und Motorradhersteller BMW gehört zu den ältesten Herstellern und zählt heute zu den 15 größten der Welt. Dies gelingt mit enger Produktionstaktung und genauen Vorgaben für die Just-in-Sequence-Belieferung, die Sie als Zulieferer umsetzen müssen. Wir unterstützen Sie dabei – mit den passenden Softwarelösungen und unserer Branchenexpertise. JIS-Belieferung nach JIS-5000 bei BMW Anforderungen: […]

Nissan RAN delivery schedules

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The right solution for your requirements Nissan uses different EDI message formats for almost every plant in Europe and in the Americas; shipping labels also vary from country to country and depending on the delivery process. Common to all Nissan processes is that delivery schedules contain a Release Authorization Number (RAN), which the supplier incorporates into the SAP delivery schedule and displays on the shipping notification [...]

John Deere shipping label

The right solution for your requirements The agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere requires its suppliers to provide shipping labels with additional information in deviation from the Global Transport Label (GTL) in accordance with VDA 4994. Depending on the delivery process, this includes the corresponding order, kanban or sequence number as well as a 2-D data matrix code. The complete and correct labeling and the output on printers is for John Deere suppliers [...]

Hyundai KIA Europe

The right solution for your requirements In EDI-supported logistics processes with Hyundai's plant in the Czech Republic (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, HMMC) and that of the subsidiary brand Kia in Slovakia (KIA Motor Slovakia, KMS), suppliers must observe special requirements with regard to delivery bills and shipping labels. This relates above all to the delivery note number [...]


The right solution for your requirements Suppliers to the US electric car manufacturer Tesla have to meet very specific requirements in terms of shipping label design. Tesla is the only OEM to date that requires shipping labels to include a Big QR Code. Another special feature of this OEM is that, in addition to labels with the package ID (License Plate), the supplier [...]


The right solution for your requirements Suppliers to the US electric car manufacturer (SUV / pickup) Rivian Automotive have the choice of handling EDI-supported communication with this OEM via the global EDIFACT format or via the US EDI standard ANSI X12. Rivian suppliers using SAP software, the SAP standard does not provide a way to satisfactorily map the associated requirements. SPEEDI Rivian enables smooth logistics processing [...]

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