Foto des WSW Headquarters in Gauting.

The Company

Allow us to introduce ourselves ...

Welcome to WSW Software! We are based in the south-west of Munich, Germany and have been creating IT logistics solutions since 1986. We work for more than 300 customers worldwide with a team of over 100 employees. You can find out what and who is behind these numbers with just a few more clicks ...

Who are we?

We specialize in highly configurable IT logistics solutions based on SAP and These days, numerous customers across a wide range of different industries use our software. However, back when we were first founded, things were very different.

Handbuch mit WSW Werten und Vision.

Where are we headed?

Our products and services ensure the flow of information and goods for our customers worldwide. And that is exactly what our task will also be in the future. As goods and information are exchanged faster and in an increasingly specialized manner in a world that is constantly changing, our services will also grow.

Executive Management Team

Peter Thurn (Head of Customs and Foreign Trade), Klaus Müer (Owner and CEO) and Thorsten Sydow (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer) - (from left to right), representing our 7-member management board.

How we work

We love change – after all, as IT specialists we work in an extremely dynamic industry. Nevertheless, or rather precisely because of this, we adhere to some unchangeable values. In business jargon, these are our "guiding principles"; in real terms, they simply sum up our character. The latter is straightforward and can be described by a few key words.

WSW Mitarbeiterin zeigt nach welchen Prinzipien wir unsere Leistungen erstellen.

Our references

The challenges facing our customers are and always have been our incentive. We have grown with them and have thus developed as a company together.

WSW Mitarbeiter steht in seiner Bürotür.

Our partners

Logistics solutions have many dimensions: Sometimes they include production solutions, customs solutions, clearing center solutions, printer solutions or something completely different. With partner companies from adjacent areas, we are expanding our expertise and offering you an even more comprehensive service portfolio – to ensure that absolutely no logistics problems remain unsolved.