Money Alone Will Not Make You Happy

Benefits for WSW employees

It’s important to be paid well for your work, that much is obvious. But real joy comes from things that are priceless. No, we’re not talking about sunshine and friendships (of course we have those too though). Instead we’re talking about freedom, flexibility and lots of extras that make working at WSW Software more pleasant – and the rest of life too.

WSW Benefit Firmenwagen

WSW Benefits #01

Company car for trainees

Every trainee will receive a company car until the end of his or her training period. Model: VW up! Design: Special model WSW. Prerequisite: a valid driver’s license, passed probationary period and the desire to have your own car.

WSW Benefits #02

Flexible working hours

After training, you can design your day to suit your needs. We do not have set office hours – You’re even welcome to start after sleeping in.

WSW Benefit Mitarbeiterin mit Sportsachen auf Matte und Laptop
WSW Benefit #3 Home office

WSW Benefits #03

Home office

In coordination with your manager, you can work from a home office. We will of course support you with a monthly DSL flat rate of EUR 15 and provide you with modern equipment.

WSW Benefits #04

Leisure Time Compensation

You can compensate for overtime with a flex day. Every month you can use one of them and even two in December.

WSW Benefit #4 Leisure Time Compensation
WSW Benefit #5 Vacation Days

WSW Benefits #05

Vacation Days

With us you get 30 days of vacation.

WSW Benefits #06

Relocation Package

We’ll help you with a package if you have to move for your job with us.

WSW Benefit #6 Relocation Package
WSW Benefit #7 Sport Fitness

WSW Benefits #07

Fitness & Sports

Our company’s own fitness room is always available to you. A physiotherapist also offers core and fascial training there twice a week.

We also participate in sporting and running events and the “Bike to work” initiative.

WSW Benefits #08

Parties & Events

Having fun in a team is crucial if work is to be fun. With us, you will have opportunities to celebrate all year round. It starts with a movie event, including dinner, continues with the summer party, to which your family is also invited, and ends with an atmospheric Christmas party. But those are just the highlights – in between there are birthday, company anniversary and other parties. The individual departments also have their own events.

WSW Benefit #8 Parties Events
WSW Benefit #9 Fun Games

WSW Benefits #09

Fun & Games

Sports aren’t your thing, but you like to play? Your colleagues are eagerly awaiting a match on the: pool table, foosball table, on the Playstation or on the in-house soccer field.

WSW Benefits #10


Once you have been with us for two years, you can enjoy a sabbatical. The maximum time is 4 months. The employment relationship is suspended during this time.

WSW Benefit #10 Sabbatical
WSW Benefit #11 Dogs welcome

WSW Benefits #11

Dogs Welcome

You can bring your dog to work – our office is located right next to the river Würm, so you can walk your dog in an idyllic landscape.

WSW Benefits #12

The Perfect Location

Our Gauting location is easily accessible both via Munich public transport as well as by car. You can get to the office in about 10 minutes by foot from the subway station. The vocational school is also easily accessible for trainees using public transport.
There are free parking spaces in front of the building but you can also rent a parking garage parking space. You will find a baker, butcher, fruit shop and various restaurants (Greek, Vietnamese, Italian, bistros) within walking distance for a relaxed lunch break. But you can also prepare lunch in our cafeteria with a fully equipped kitchen or warm up what you brought with you.

WSW Benefit #12 The perfect location